The gifts

The Tourism Committee of the Islands of Guadeloupe offers you the possibility of perfecting your knowledge of the destination thanks to a certification program in 4 stages allowing you to offer quality trips in the archipelago.

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Be rewarded for your attendance throughout the year by receiving one of these many free prizes:

  • Plane ticket to the Islands of Guadeloupe
  • Rum box (to be consumed in moderation)
  • Notebook with pen
  • USB keys with the logo of the Islands of Guadeloupe
  • Madras bob
  • 3D map of the archipelago
  • travel pouch
    Islands of Guadeloupe
  • laminated bag

and many other surprises during the year…

Continue your training course and take part in the events dedicated to you to take advantage of the many surprises that await you.

Upon validation of the 4 steps, you will receive your “Experts of the Islands of Guadeloupe” certificate.


Rum box


Flight tickets

To the Islands of Guadeloupe



But also goodies

Colored USB sticks CTIG

CTIG keychain

CTIG Travel Pouch

CTIG passport holder