Creole cuisine harmonizes with French gastronomy, ingredients of African origin, flavors and spices from India and products from the Caribbean.
  • The Islands of Guadeloupe have an unparalleled palette of flavors that can be found in the heart of the colorful markets: Cane juice, coconut water, cod accras, grilled chicken, bokits, coconut sorbet… These are some local specialties among others to discover on one of the islands of the archipelago.
  • As you cannot come to the islands of Guadeloupe without tasting them, you might as well start with them! The famous, unmissable cod acras! There are as many places that offer them as there are recipe secrets.
  • We therefore recommend that you repeat the experience as many times as possible.
  • These little savory donuts can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a starter!